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Fundacion CEPYTINpromotes the right to DIFFERENT CAPABILITY, and recognizes the possibilities of each PERSON for functionality, autonomy, and independence.

About Us

The Fundación  CEPYTIN ~ Centro de Apoyo en Pedagogía y Terapia Integral para la Discapacidad ~ promueve el derecho a la DIFFERENT CAPABILITY, to recognize the possibilities of each PERSON in their functionality, autonomy, and independence.

Created in 1988 to provide comprehensive rehabilitation services to infants and young people with intellectual and/or physical disabilities, within a framework of rights to achieve social, educational and labor inclusion. In 32 years of service, we have provided our services to more than 1,300 users and their families.

We have a committed, competent team with excellent human qualities, professionals in speech therapy, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychology, neuropsychology, special education, and an administrative support group.

Us Cepytin

Our Mission

Fundacion Cepytin provides therapeutic services for the integral rehabilitation of people with intellectual and/or physical disabilities and their families. We have competent professionals committed to the service through research and development processes that promote social, school and work inclusion, interacting with its stakeholders at a national level.

different capability

Our Principles

Acknowledging our abilities and skills is what makes us different. Because dreams come true.

Respect for Differing Ability

CSR methodology development with strengthening of stakeholders such as: government training, employee satisfaction, customer follow-up, community work.

Participation for an Inclusive Society

Committed, qualified staff, with compromise and professionalism, trained in rehabilitation techniques, disability legislation, ISO 9001 and 10001 standards.

Every Day
more Capable

Working for a reality in the rights of social, school, and labor inclusion of people with disabilities, forming empowered families in public policies, coping, and support networks.

Our Partners

Stimulation and

Program that strengthens family and support networks for SOCIAL INCLUSION, seeks to promote neurodevelopment and guide the parents of infants in relation to the development, acquisition, and maintenance of communicative, social adaptive fine and gross motorr skills that are found in the integral development of infants at early ages.

in the School

FUNDACION CEPYTIN promotes the inclusion of children in formal education, providing therapeutic support and educational accompaniment to ensure the success of the inclusion process, seeking to ensure that the progress achieved from the therapeutic therapeutic aspects are reflected in the role of the children and young people as students, and at the same time, the difficulties identified can be supported.


Comprehensive rehabilitation program for children and young people with children and young people with intellectual and/or physical disabilities, to achieve INCLUSION AND SOCIAL AND SCHOOL FUNCTIONALITY. Therapeutic support is provided in the following areas: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Neuropsychology, Cognitive Therapy. Psychology, Rehabilitative Sports and Music Therapy.

in the Work

Program that offers employment inclusion opportunities to young people with intellectual disabilities and therapeutic support that allows them to strengthen and develop their work profile through alliances such as Best Buddies Colombia, in charge of strengthening the companies where the young people are hired. Those who do not reach these profiles work in the family businesses of the Fundacion CEPYTIN in urban agriculture and bakery.

Therapeutic and Educational Resources

This is an exclusive platform for our beneficiaries. 

Each one of them makes us great

Their Testimonials help us to be better


Thanks for believing in me!

I am 18 years old, I was born with Down's syndrome, I am part of the school inclusion program at Cepytin. During my time at the Foundation I have improved my oral expression, I have learned to read and write, I do housework, and I am a good sportsman.
Gabriel Beltrán


I am 10 years old, I am in the Foundation for Pervasive Developmental Disorder, I am part of the School Inclusion Program in Cepytin. I am in school, I like to socialize, communicate, and I am learning concepts.
Juliana Reyes

My skills are different

I am 19 years old, I am in the Foundation for moderate mental retardation. I am part of the Integral Schooling Programme at Cepytin. I graduated from sixth sixth grade. I am at the Colombian School of Engineering in an Inclusion project. I attend 2 days a week at Cepytin.
Cristhian Monterrosa

There is a value to every life

I am 21 years old, I have cerebral palsy. I graduated from high school in regular school and started my university career, I am in my second semester. Likewise, I travel alone and I am a representative of the sexual rights program, Profamilia and Amigos del Alma.
Sonia Lizeth Monroy

I am what I achieve

I am 32 years old, with moderate mental retardation. I am part of the Work Inclusion program at Cepytin. Likewise, I work at Alkosto, and I am currently waiting for a new job opportunity.
William Plazas

New things are waiting for us!

Ezequiel is 9 years old, he wants to build a better world, he expresses himself well to everyone around him and his cognitive difficulty is only a motivator to strive every day and learn. 💙

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